Orange Phoenix
About Us

About Us

Who We Are

We are entrepreneurs and professionals coming from diverse backgrounds and industries, who are experienced investors and proud supporters of community. We bring together decades of leadership and established track records in Healthcare, Technology, M&A, Investment, Retail, and Public Relations, with an important international network and supporting investment capital. 

Our People

Our People and the Core Values that we share are by far our greatest strength. To us, Integrity, Perseverance, Passion, Diversity, Social Responsibility and Inclusion, go far beyond words; it is our core, our DNA. You can call us Partners, though more accurately, we are family.

Our Why

Orange Phoenix was founded with one single purpose in mind. To have an indelible positive impact in both the way we experience and deliver healthcare, in Canada and beyond. Sounds ambitious to you? Great.

That is what we’re here for.

Who Are We Looking To Partner With ?

Before you read any further, scroll back to the top and take a moment to reflect on our Core Values and what your DNA is made of. If there is alignment in the genetic code, we are off to the right start.  

With that out of the way…..

If you are the owner of an established healthcare enterprise, a founder of an early-stage venture that is looking to scale or enter new markets, or somewhere in between, please reach out and tell us more about yourself. If we aren’t a perfect match, that’s all right, we would be more than pleased to make an introduction that might get you one step further along the way.